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Browse shipping information our team has compiled below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Ship a package using

  1. Fill out and print a Shipping Requisition (.pdf).
  2. Package your shipment.
    If your shipment contains hazardous materials or dangerous goods, contact a Hazardous Materials Shipping specialist for consultation on packaging and shipping requirements.
  3. Log into and enter your shipping and package information.
  4. Print the shipping label and affix it to your package. Print the receipt and attach it to your shipping requisition (you may print on the back of your Shipping Requisition or attach the receipt as a second sheet).
  5. Make of copy of both the requisition and receipt.
    • Submit the original to the Finance Team.
    • Submit the copy to your local shipping contact for recordkeeping.
  6. Bring your package to the designated pickup location.

Contact Information

General Shipping & Mail


To be determined.

Mount Vernon


Andrew Mack
Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Hazardous Materials Shipping

Currently certification for HazMat/Dangerous Goods Shipping at both RECs have expired, and we are without the capability of shipping Hazardous Materials from the RECs (except dry ice through Ed Scheenstra at NWREC). We have the following options until new certifications can be obtained:

  • Drive the hazardous material directly to recipient.
  • Contact University of Washington hazmat shippers.
  • Contact Joe Price (360-546-9788) and Jordan Goodspeed (360-546-9083) at WSU Vancouver.
  • WSU Tri-Cities and WSU Spokane also have certified hazmat/dangerous goods shippers.

If you are unsure if a shipment qualifies as Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods, please consult with the Office of Research Assurances.