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COVID-19 Resources

The following COVID-19-related forms, procedures and other resources are specific to CSANR, Mount Vernon NWREC, and Puyallup PREC. All other forms, policies, and directives for the University still apply.

Washington State University continues to review and update it’s policies and procedures related to COVID-19. For the latest information, please visit WSU’s COVID-19 information site. Additional information can be found on the Environmental Health & Safety COVID-19 Work Plan page.

EH&S COVID-19 Site

(June 15, 2021) WSU has updated its COVID-19 protocols thanks to new state guidance, plummeting case numbers, and the widespread availability of vaccines.

New (beginning June 15)

  • Daily COVID health attestations are no longer required for employees, students, and visitors at WSU.
  • Do not come to work when sick as this is how disease is spread; notify your supervisor so work can be rearranged.
  • Research programs do not need to prepare/update/review return-to-workplace plans.
  • Contractors, vendors and visitors at WSU must be prepared to attest to or show proof of vaccination; those unable or unwilling to do so are required to wear a mask and physically distance or leave WSU.
  • New employees no longer required to complete return to workplace training, instead see the Environmental Health and Safety website for complete current guidance.
  • Classes are scheduled to take place in-person for the Fall 2021 semester.

Continued Requirements

  • WSU requires students and staff to have COVID-19 vaccination for Fall semester.
  • Vaccination declaration is required via Workday.
  • Vaccination exemptions are provided for medical and non-medical reasons, WSU will provide details in July.
  • Personnel who declare themselves fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks and physically distance at WSU.
  • Those who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks and distance while at WSU.
  • Proposed events must submit plans to the Risk Management Services for RMAG review if they include:
    • Overnight travel
    • Primary attendees/participants are minors
    • More than 100 attendees are expected
    • Food services will be provided
    • At least 50% of expected attendees are not WSU students, staff or faculty

WSU return to work is expected to begin no later than July 12.