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Personnel / Payroll

Browse personnel and payroll information below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Personnel Request Form

To appoint a new employee—or to renew or modify a current employee’s appointment—please complete the Personnel Request Form (.pdf) and submit to

How do I hire a temporary employee?

How do I hire a temporary employee?

  1. Search and hire temporary worker.
  2. Inform Finance Team of new employee.
  3. Finance Team personnel support staff confirms or creates a WSU ID for employee.
  4. Fill out the Personnel Request Form (.pdf) and return to the Finance Team.
    • If you do not have all of the information needed to properly fill out the Personnel Request Form, please contact the Finance Team for assistance.
  5. Have the employee visit the Admin Office to complete paperwork.

How do I complete my Time/Leave Report?


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Contact Information

Finance Team

Sherri Clarke
Fiscal Technician 2
Andrew Lewis
Fiscal Specialist 2


Tatum Weed
Associate Director, Mount Vernon NWREC and Puyallup REC