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Browse travel information that our team has compiled. If you have any questions, please contact us.



Airline travel through Global Travel

  • The process of requesting your TA’s is still the same and an approved TA must be acquired before booking your ticket via the below steps. Once the charges have been posted to our travel credit card, your ticket will be charged to the budget that is listed on your approved TA for the trip. If you are traveling on your Blanket TA, please contact the CSANR-MV-PUY Finance Team to provide a budget number.
  • To book airline travel, go to, click the ‘Corporate’ tab and select Corporate Travel Request. This is the preferred way for booking to allow for quicker response.
  • To make booking travel quicker, please go to, click the ‘Corporate’ tab on and select Business Traveler Profile. Fill in the requested information and hit submit (you only have to do this step once). Your information will also be automatically saved to a profile and will pull up each time you need to book.
  • If you need to contact someone at Global Travel, our new point person is Sheryl Smith,, 800-574-9949 or 208-799-9020.

Travel: A Step by Step Guide

  1. Complete a Travel Authority which will be routed to the Finance Team and respective administrators for approval. After all approvals are received a TA number will be assigned via email. Contact the Finance Team for assistance.
  2. Book travel as applicable. Contact the the Finance Team or Global Travel at 509-332-1212.
  3. Travel (retain receipts as needed).
  4. Fill out the E-TEV Form.

Complete a travel expense voucher (TEV)

N.I.M.S.S. Multi-State Travel Information

Multi-State Travel Policies Memo

For more information please contact:

Ellen Yeates

Group Travel Process

When a group is traveling to the same place, for the same reason, on the same budget, you only need to do one Travel Authority. Simply prepare the TA as normal with a list of all travelers and identify which travelers will be receiving a reimbursement.

Request a Travel Reimbursement

International Travel Resources

Find Information on Ground Transportation

Motor Pool vs. Personal Vehicle Usage

BPPM 95.11—Normally, the use of a privately-owned motor vehicle is based upon University-related requirements rather than the personal preference or convenience of the traveler.

A WSU traveler may use a privately-owned motor vehicle for official University travel when:

  • A Motor Pool vehicle is not available.
  • It is more advantageous or economical to the University to use a privately-owned vehicle than a Motor Pool vehicle as determined by the approving administrator.


Contact Information

CSANR, Mount Vernon & Puyallup

Andrea Engle
Fiscal Specialist 2, WSU PUY
Andrew Lewis
Fiscal Specialist 2


Tatum Weed
Associate Director, Mount Vernon NWREC and Puyallup REC